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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Newly Created Silk Scarves by MysticSilks

OK, here I am blogging again about my newest silk beauties, silk scarves.

Now here's what strange, I did a blog last week about 3 of my newest silk scarves, but , yup, it's disappeared. This has happened a lot to my blogs, and that's why I don't become too serious about blogging, because they tend to disappear.

It seems like I am spending so much time online tending to my blogs, my twitter, my facebook, myspace, and my series of online shops and all the SEO criteria, that I have little time or enegry left to create more.

But here are some that I created this summer, and finally got their photos, cripped , cropped, highlighted, sized their pixels, and uploaded etc.
I thank you!