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Friday, April 6, 2012

Creating Wearable Art on Silk~ By Mysticsilks

I tell myself after creating each new series of silk scarves, that this is my last one. But then the creative muses stir within me and I am back to designing new pieces.
With the six new scarves, there are two that are quite different in size. Instead of the usual 12x 60inch silk satin I decided to try working with the 15 x 70 inch silk satin: And what a challenge that presented.

First I had to alter the size of the wood frame: I extended it in length by a foot. And I discovered with the larger size scarves, you can not connect two together on the frame to dye. The reason, with the extra width, it is difficult to do detailed work, such as seen in the Ocean scene silk scarf.
I am showing the photos of the beginning steps to both the Butterflies scarf(which is shown after it is completely dyed, and the Ocean scene beginnings and after it is half completed with dyes.
I will continue to photograph the progress of the remaining four scarves from the first stages of designing, to the dying process.
Then after steaming all six to set the dyes deep into the fibers of the silk, I will show the finished product in the next blog.

Until then visit my shop at:
You will see wearable silk art, and silk art that is framed and ready to display on your walls.

Thank you.