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Saturday, October 22, 2011

MysticSilks Has Gone Bonanza!

Hi all.
Just wanted to let the world(friends) know that MysticSilks has taken a leap of luck, faith;whatever you call taking a chance and joined another online selling site, called Bonanza.
I saw a link on etsy in the forums, but it wasn't called Bonanza, it was called I clicked on that link and was taken to a place called Bonanza. I clicked my tongue, and clicked out of that place, still hell-bent on finding 1000markets.
Well after doing this procedure several times, I stopped and read that 1000markets sold out to Bonanza. OMG! OK, so I read through their set-up process and decided to join.

I'm going to see if I gain any more sales there. etsy has changed so many things, and the competition with folks from China who are now selling mass produced silk scarves on etsy, perhaps people are bypassing my shop. Who knows?

So come by and see me at