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Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's Happening On Etsy?

What's happening on etsy with regard to sales? The last non-family sale was back in March, and not a thing since then.

So, what am I to think? My creations are no longer desirable?
And with silk , one can not just put out a new creation daily.
I have one painting on etsy titled, "Picasso's Moon"--it's a real beauty and has gained over 8,000 views, but has yet to sell.

And there are several more silk paintings simply sitting there waiting for a buyer with a discriminating taste for beauty to purchase one of them.

Oh, yes this is called blowing your own horn and I don't feel one tidge of guilt.

So if you come across this blog, click on the link to my etsy shop, and browse through my shop: