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Saturday, November 12, 2011

For The Holiday Season`Five New Silk Scarves: By MysticSilks

Every time I am in the midst of creating a new selection of silk scarves,after spending hours on my feet hand dying the silk, I swear to myself, this is the last time.
But the process does not start with the dying,it really begins with the designing of what pattern I want seen on the silk.
With this selection of new silk scarves, I drew templates for each scarf.
The first one was the pattern I call Stained Glass Silk( that'is the scarf in the upper left side. .......... After I drew the template/s( and this applies to all the scarves shown today) I placed waxy tracing paper over the template. I did this to prevent the water based resist( the liquid I use to draw the pattern onto the silk) from sticking to and runing the template/s.
You can look at the templates and tell which scarf it was used for.
The silk scarf next to" Stained Glass on Silk", is "The Cosmos". I did not use a template for this one.--:)
The Third scarf on the left is " Pinwheels". The template for that one is right above the finished scarf.
The next one " Sunshine and Lollipops" and for some reasons you can see two templates used for that scarf.--:)
Then last but not least is "And all That Jazz". You can see its template right below the scarf.
I never seem to be able to upload my photos to my liking on And I have too much 'attention deficit disorder' to read in depth on how to upload photos, or to at least re-arrange photois once uploaded.
After the patterns were all drawn on the scarves,and the scarves were then pinned to my wooden dying frames,I began the process of doing just that, dying.Now, I want to share with you, That after I began dying " Stained Glass on Silk" I could have bitten my bottem lip off! Placing different colored dyes in each block, or space on that scarf took 3 hours of standing on my feet, on a cement floor. Whew!
But, it turned out so unique and beautiful, like giving birth, I had to say it was all worth it.
Just as an added thought, and it has not one thing to do with creating silk scarves. But have you ever wondered at how many times you handle an item you buy at the grocery store before you even pick it up to use it?
Eight times!! I counted this morning after coming home with the groceries.
I'll be looking foward to your visits to my etsy shop, at
Until then, enjoy the day!