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Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Current Crooked Government~MysticSilks

OK, I just wrote , well really ranted at our current government. Then for some reason unknown to me, the whole damn thing just disappeared; almost like the money in my pocket does now a days.

Can't remember when I was more disgusted with the government;perhaps when Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down in the Oval Office. Wasn't he a Democrat, too?

Hooray, we're close to getting a Health Care Bill that will do what?
Oh, OK , insurance companies can not reject you if you have a terminal disease.
But, say you're not old enough for Medicare, or your not poor enough for medicaid, but you lose your job and your health benefits. What are your options? Sell your house, maybe your car and buy health insurance.
If you don't, the government will financially penalize you, the IRS will confiscate your Income Tax return, or you could end up in jail. In what real way does this health care bill help the average American?

And there is so much in that bill that no one knows about, and how drastically it will affect us.
If the Health Care bill passes it will be no victory, it will be something that was ill conceived behind closed doors during Christmas eve when the majority of Americans were preparing for a blessed holy holiday. A victory that the majority of Americans did not want.
Vote every democrat out of office come election day. Make sure Obama does NOT make it in for another term. He does not, nor does congress listen to the majority of Americans.
This is supposed to be " a government for the people by the people"