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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doesn't America Make Clothing, or Much of Anything Anymore? By MysticSilks

I feel bad for this country and the people who are trying to work and raise a family.
One of the big questions Americans are asking is why aren't there any jobs? Better yet , they should be asking where did all the jobs go? Where did they go? Does anyone know?

Here's my take: The powers that be turned their eyes towards China, Indonesia,and other countries where cheap labor could be had. Materials have never been a huge factor in the cost of making the majority of products that humans use. The major cost is in the labor.
That's why modern technology in machinery has reduced the number of people needed to make a product.
Yet, someone needs to run those robotic machines, and do it cheaply.
To pay an American a decent living wage was costing the CEO's of these manufacturing companies too much money, money that could really go into their pockets. So, they moved their businesses to countries, like China, and India who could for produce the , let's say, same coat for pennies a day for their labor.

These people work for peanuts as compared to what the CEO's paid Americans for making the same coat.
OK, so this last week I was in need of a new winter coat. The last time I bought one was 8 maybe 9 years ago. I started out at a more pricey department store. I saw only coats made in China. But the prices were still up in the high $40.'s to $70.'s. I went to another pricey department store, with the same results.
I stopped at Sears--I always thought Sears was a good American company. Not so! The coats all said made in China. I also looked at some women's tops, and the neck label stated, made in Indonesia.
Yet again, the prices did not reflect that someone had made them for maybe a wage of $20.00 a day; maybe even less.
I say put America back to work! Open manufacturing plants that make coats, women's, men's and children's clothing, sports shoes.

Leaving things the way they are right now, sure the CEO's will get so rich that their crap won't even stink anymore. But one day, those folks in the far off countries will rise up, want better wages. They'll form unions, just like the people did in the early industrial years of the USA.

Then what, big rich man? Where will you send your manufacturing companies and jobs to? Mars, maybe?

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A Change of Pace, by MysticSilks

I decided to create on another surface other than silk.
In the painting to the extreme left( Jazz Cat) I used acrylics on a 100% Duck canvas stretched around a wooden frame.
In both paintings I used a stained glass technique.
In the 2nd painting( Sassy Cat) however, on the canvas I used French dyes.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Painting Sold, by MysticSilks

"July Splendor"--I am wondering after the sale of this beautiful painting, if in the process of creating it, does the artists establish a bonding? An emotional bonding?
I sold this painting towards the end of December, spent 3 days finding a packaging and shipping place that I felt I could trust in making sure that the painting arrived at its destination--safely!
I even wrote the buyer of all the environmentally safe places to hang the painting; not in direct sunlight, not near humidity, nor by cooking fumes, and please not where people may smoke! I went on about not allowing people to touch it, especially children: God knows what they have on their tiny fingers!
I worried until the day that I assummed the painting had arrived at the buyers home: She never let me know. But I figured if it hadn't arrived I am sure she would have contacted me. I wish she had let me know that it arrived safelyand that she was so excited about having it in her home. I truly hope she's loving it, the way I did. I had it in a prime spot right over my bed!!
Yes, I do think I became emotionally involved with this painting--How could I not?
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