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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Painting Sold, by MysticSilks

"July Splendor"--I am wondering after the sale of this beautiful painting, if in the process of creating it, does the artists establish a bonding? An emotional bonding?
I sold this painting towards the end of December, spent 3 days finding a packaging and shipping place that I felt I could trust in making sure that the painting arrived at its destination--safely!
I even wrote the buyer of all the environmentally safe places to hang the painting; not in direct sunlight, not near humidity, nor by cooking fumes, and please not where people may smoke! I went on about not allowing people to touch it, especially children: God knows what they have on their tiny fingers!
I worried until the day that I assummed the painting had arrived at the buyers home: She never let me know. But I figured if it hadn't arrived I am sure she would have contacted me. I wish she had let me know that it arrived safelyand that she was so excited about having it in her home. I truly hope she's loving it, the way I did. I had it in a prime spot right over my bed!!
Yes, I do think I became emotionally involved with this painting--How could I not?
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  1. I so agree with you on having an emotional attachment to your work and wanting to know it arrived safely especially after putting so much energy and time into shipping it.
    I sold one of my larger mosaics during Christmas.
    Gift-wrapped it for the buyer's sister, enclosed a Christmas card and everything and never heard a word of any kind. Like you, I just pray it got there and that they are enjoying it.