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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghost Stories Anyone? By MysticSilks

It's almost Halloween, and my favorite talk radio station, WNIR, Akron, Ohio, is inviting callers to call in with ghost stories or strange things that have to do with the afterlife in honor of Halloween.

Well, I could almost write a book about those kinds of happenings.

I remember when my mother, who lived in Michigan, was diagnosed with CA---and we were talking about life after death--I asked her to make a pact with me, that whoever should go first( I mean, I could walk out the door and get hit in the can too, you know) would contact or signal the other--just to let them know that life did go on in some form or another--;)

She asked, " What kind of signal ?" ,she asked.

" Well, I went on, " I think the spirit of a person is made up of electrical energy. So send me something in the sequence of 3--using electrical outlets."

" Why 3 ?" she inquired.

" Because the words I Love You is 3 words. " And if something should happen electrically 3 times , I'll know it's you."

Well, a year later she had surgery for the CA, except the doctors nicked her colon while they were operating. As a result, the e-coli escaped into her system and she died from sepsis. About 3 weeks later I am doing laundry in the basement.

The light is on above the stationary tub, and I'm bending over putting clothes from the washer into the dryer, when all of a sudden the light goes off then on--At first I didn't pay attention--I reached for another arm load of laundry, and the light goes off and on again---this time I stood still and waited--again the light turned off and on.

I waited. Nothing more--no more on and off with the bulb. I thought , well maybe the bulb was loose, so I reached up to tightened it--but it was as tight as could be.

I believe it was Mom , doing our signalling, as we promised to do, the year before.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Economy--What's Going On?, by MysticSilks

I've had an online shop at since 2007. I began selling my silk art there because I was no longer physically capable of going to the art shows, or to drive great distances, like into Murray Hill in Cleveland, Ohio, to drop my art off for consignment.; besides consignment can be costly to the seller.

So, I asked a silk group that I belonged to at the time, where would be a good place to sell online, and etsy seemed the best place.

Well, I guess silk scarves have not been as popular as, say jewelry. Jewelry sells like hot cakes on etsy, but now, with the economy in the tank, even many of the jewelry sellers are bemoaning low sales.

But, I say to myself, there must still be money out there. The high-rollers are still around, but do they come to etsy?

It appears places like etsy are supported mostly by what used to be the middle income family. That's the group of people who have been hurt the most by this current economy: It's hard to buy anything if you're out of a job, or just barely able to pay your bills.

I went back to my etsy shop and lowered the prices on all my silk scarves.

I truly feel bad for people who have lost jobs; this comes from my childhood and being able to personally relate to their situations.

So, I've posted some photos of my silk scarves, and art--do come and visit my shop:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time For Christmas , Again? By MysticSilks Silk Scarves

It's October 17th, 2009, and we have not experienced much of a nice Autumn.

You know those balmy days of 60's maybe 70's , with just a slight nip in the weather. No, it's more like November with huge gray clouds that appear as if they'd drop snow any second, and in fact as I write this there's a cold mix of snow and rain!!

Oh, I know Halloween , and Thanksgiving are a skip--hop and jump away. But I am already seeing some Christmas ads on TV.

So, I am getting a head start on getting the news out, that in my etsy shop I have a gorgeous selection of designer silk scarves, some wonderful original silk paintings, and a few silk pillows, plus some other art work.

I will add some photos just to catch your eye, and hope you'll make your way to my shop at :

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Original Silk Paintings, by MysticSilks

It's a rather chilly day in NE Ohio. Seems too cold, 39 degrees, for this early in the fall season, but then as many have said, it was a cool summer season, too.

I haven't painted anymore paintings since early this summer. Why? you may ask. I haven't got the room for storing them;my closet is loaded.

Etsy , the online site where I have my art work displayed for sale, is still in the process of dealing with the tagging issues. As an example, if you have someone who has painted a cheese board, they put the tags, art, 'original painting',housewares, and so on. Well, if you go to etsy and search for 'original paintings' guess what will also show up along with a zillion other things---a cheese board!

I don't think serious art collectors will stay too long on etsy. In fact concerned fine art artists on etsy have created a thread , and also a petition. This is the forum thread:

And this is the petition:

In the meanwhilke I am going to upload some of my 'original paintings'--and there's not one cheese board among them: