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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Original Silk Paintings, by MysticSilks

It's a rather chilly day in NE Ohio. Seems too cold, 39 degrees, for this early in the fall season, but then as many have said, it was a cool summer season, too.

I haven't painted anymore paintings since early this summer. Why? you may ask. I haven't got the room for storing them;my closet is loaded.

Etsy , the online site where I have my art work displayed for sale, is still in the process of dealing with the tagging issues. As an example, if you have someone who has painted a cheese board, they put the tags, art, 'original painting',housewares, and so on. Well, if you go to etsy and search for 'original paintings' guess what will also show up along with a zillion other things---a cheese board!

I don't think serious art collectors will stay too long on etsy. In fact concerned fine art artists on etsy have created a thread , and also a petition. This is the forum thread:

And this is the petition:

In the meanwhilke I am going to upload some of my 'original paintings'--and there's not one cheese board among them:

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