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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What To Do When the Art Muses Go on Vacation~~~ Mystic Silks

What do you do when your spirit of creativity just seems to elude you?
You seem to lack any imagination;you're feeling a funk? This seemingly desertion of the artistic muses happens to many of us;it's happened to me.
Lets look at what could be taking place.
You're holding down a full-time job: You've got a home , children, and husband, that you devote much of your time to.
You walk into your workshop, studio, your office, wherever you create, and nothing happens. No new ideas come to you. That page of poetry, or the story you were writing sits blank, and glares back at you. That piece of canvas remains white;lacking images, bare of color. You heave a big sigh, leave the area, and go back to the kitchen to finish the dirty dishes.

Now here's a secret, be gentle with yourself. Do some self talk, like," this weekend, I am devoting 3 hours to my creative spirit. I will find someone to keep an eye on the kiddies." On the weekend let the dusting go till the evening: Who needs to sit in front of the boob-tube anyway.

When my four children were small, I used to get up early in the morning , at least an hour or two before I knew they would begin to stir. I'd brew my coffee, and get my paints out and work away right at the kitchen table. Oh, my those were the most inspirational time, the early morning hours. I discovered later in life, that the wee morning hours were the best for poetry, too.
Now, many of you may not find the wee hours your best time. OK, then you create your own best time, and stick to your guns!
Those art muses will return when they see you have set aside the time just for them! It just works out that way;trust me.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Other Three Silk Beauties For Summer``Mysticsilks

Here we have the remainder of the six summer silk scarves series.
"Purple Pansy" with a hand-painted embellishment on each side of the silk scarf.
This came about due to one of those mysteries in dying silk.
The entire scarf was dyed using pansy violet
and lavender French dyes. When the steaming process was complete and I unraveled the scarves from their metal cylinder , on one side of the scarf was a completely blue white demarcation. How this occurred is anybody's guess. It looked like a lightening strike!
So I used my French silk paints to add the seen embellishment to both sides of the scarf.

The scarf to the right of the "Purple Pansy", I called "Pink Cotton Candy." The color reminded me of that delicious pink cotton candy I watched them spin back in the good ole days of local carnivals and amusement parks.
Now the last one on the right I named " Light My Fire" It's a combination of French lemon dye, doted with just a tad of magenta. After the steaming process it reminded me of little flames of fire.

You can view all of these and more at:, or

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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Summer Selection of Silk Scarves`~MysticSilks

Here we are with three of the new summer
silk satin scarves selections offered at, and

We began the process of creating them back in February when I ordered the blank white silks; I ordered twelve in all, only because the price of the silks continue to rise.
However, I washed and rinsed the silk worm residue from just six of them. Dealing with six is challenging enough!
You can see me in the upper right hand corner with several silk scarves that I had attached to my wooden frame in order to dye the scarves. I use only the finest of French dyes.
Once the dye has dried , an overnight process, I then take the scarves usually 6, wrap each one in blank newspaper sheets, then roll them onto a metal cylinder.
From there the silk scarves are lowered into a steaming container, and left to steam for 2-3 hours. Then the scarves are removed/ unrolled from the cylinder, and are allowed to dry overnight. Next day the silk scarves are washed in a special soap water and rinsed several time to eliminate residue dyes. Even with the numerous rinsing some dye will still wash out of the scarf at later washings.
Each scarf is ironed, and placed ready to photograph. I usually take 5-6 photos and pick from the best of those. I then edit each photo. Later I upload the photo, to my etsy , or artfire website. Fill out a full description ( each one different for both website), add the price, S&H.
I'd say from start to finish each scarf takes about 20 hours.

So please enjoy the wearing of these scarves.

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