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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Summer Selection of Silk Scarves`~MysticSilks

Here we are with three of the new summer
silk satin scarves selections offered at, and

We began the process of creating them back in February when I ordered the blank white silks; I ordered twelve in all, only because the price of the silks continue to rise.
However, I washed and rinsed the silk worm residue from just six of them. Dealing with six is challenging enough!
You can see me in the upper right hand corner with several silk scarves that I had attached to my wooden frame in order to dye the scarves. I use only the finest of French dyes.
Once the dye has dried , an overnight process, I then take the scarves usually 6, wrap each one in blank newspaper sheets, then roll them onto a metal cylinder.
From there the silk scarves are lowered into a steaming container, and left to steam for 2-3 hours. Then the scarves are removed/ unrolled from the cylinder, and are allowed to dry overnight. Next day the silk scarves are washed in a special soap water and rinsed several time to eliminate residue dyes. Even with the numerous rinsing some dye will still wash out of the scarf at later washings.
Each scarf is ironed, and placed ready to photograph. I usually take 5-6 photos and pick from the best of those. I then edit each photo. Later I upload the photo, to my etsy , or artfire website. Fill out a full description ( each one different for both website), add the price, S&H.
I'd say from start to finish each scarf takes about 20 hours.

So please enjoy the wearing of these scarves.

Please visit, or

Thank you for reading.


  1. Your scarfs always turn out beautifully. It is amazing the amount of work you put into them, a labor of love I suppose. Connie :)

  2. Loved reading about the process which to me is always the best part
    about making art. They are all lovely !

  3. Yes, a labor of love or craziness!

    My cousin thinks it's the second choice!

  4. I love the chocolate scarf - that's gorgeous. It's also fun to see your process. I'll have to stop by Etsy and say hi. My artistic gears ground to a halt, so I put my shop in vacation mode for April while I try to regroup.

  5. Laurel, I trust your art muses will get you inspired again!

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