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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Wild Things " ``By Mysticsilks

OK. Here we are with the last three in my "Wild Things" six silk series.
As you may have heard the total large wild cat population is declining. And if the decline continues at the same rate as it currently is, the only large wild cats you'll see will be in a Zoo.
So, to represent the large cats I've used the King of Beasts, the lion. And how regal they are!

Next are the whales. And if you've been into the Discovery series, Whale Wars you'll know that their population is declining due to the killing of whales.

Thirdly, I've created the hummingbird, not because it is at risk , but because it is so wild and free.
Please enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wild Things```by Mysticsilks

"Wild Things"

Loving the beauty of every creature on this awesome earth the way that I do,I wanted to honor and bring awareness to the fragility of all the 'wild things' that inhabit this planet.
So, in an inspirational moment, the idea of hand designing silk scarves with six of my favorite 'wild things' came to fruition.

The 1st in a series of six silk scarves, and to the bottom right is my tropical fish, or as I like to call them(fishies) which make their home in the coral reef. And because of ocean pollution the coral reef around the world is declining.
The 2nd silk scarf , and to the upper left is the proud and powerful elephant. There is a decline in both the African and Indian elephants due to killing of these animals for their ivory tusks, and because human population has consumed great portions of the elephants territory for farming. Unfortunately elephants have traveled those particular areas for centuries, and now humans have taken over. The elephants on their age old journey simply walk over fences, power through barriers, eating and trampling farm crops along the way.
Humans always seem to have the right-of-way, and as a result many elephants are destroyed.

The 3rd 'wild thing' is the Amazon Tree Frog. That tiny ,pretty green frog sitting on a tree limb represents the 'rain forests' of the Amazon. Again , many acres of the rain tree forest have been cut down to create farm land, for mining, and the search for other natural resources :"
The Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia, is one of the world's greatest natural resources. Because its vegetation continuously recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen, it has been described as the "Lungs of our Planet". About 20% of earth's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. Please read this article:

I will post the 4th in my silk series on another day.
You can see the entire series of "Wild Things"awareness silk scarves at:

Thank you for reading