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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spring and Winter--Can They Live Together? , By MysticSilks

I wish not to take anything from winter. In fact when it gets close to Christmas, I am all for Ho, Hoing, and merrily ringing bells while dashing through tropical sands, oops, snow.

During the end of November, I began a spring painting;seems like fall had just ended,and I was wistfully looking forward to spring. So I painted a spring garden scene:
I love a garden filled with hyacinth, golden daffodils, and red tulips. In this painting I added an old apple tree just beginning to get its leaves.

Now, don't think me related to the green Grinch or anything such as that. Last Saturday, I hunted up my handed down through the generations gingerbread recipe.
This is a complex culinary concoction. The wet ingredients consisting of molasses, applesauce,brown sugar, butter, are brought to a boil then simmered for 5 minutes.
After letting it cool, you add this to dry ingredients of flour, ginger, cloves(ground),cinnamon, and dash of baking soda. You have to cover it and let stand in the fridge over night, or you wouldn't be able to handle the dough. But, if you have an acquaintance or family member you are not fond of you can let that important piece of info out of the written recipe. It'll be weeks before they get the goo off their hands, to be able to call you and ask what they missed in the recipe--Oh, am I a scamp or what?
OK, the next day you dust the area you're rolling the dough out with flour,cut your gingerbread men out, (have to have a gingerbread cookie cutter). Now you can also make lady gingerbread by only pressing the upper part of the cookie cutter, then use a sharp knife to cut an upside down triangle where the legs of the boys would have been.
It then looks like the bottom of a dress: Mind you , not a flirty mod dress, but the old fashion dress of days gone by.

OK, Guess this post won't upload the photos of the gingerbread.
I will begin another post . So look for the photos there!

Happy Holiday, and Merry Christmas all!


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