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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seeing 'Red' ~ by Mysticsilks

My daughter needed to get rid of her worn out van with its 130,000 miles of traveling rough roads. I had a PT Cruiser which I had only cruised up to ,4000 plus miles--in other words , it was hardly broken in. However I have a back that allows for only adjustable comfort seats, and that PT did not have it.
My son wanted to know why I wanted the PT Cruiser in the 1st place. I told him it reminded me of my Uncle Andy's car from the mid 40's;nostalgia and nothing more had a hand in purchasing that car.

Now, let it be known before we go on with this story, I HATE to buy cars. I think it is one of the biggest wastes on money that there is. In that you lose $3,000 the minute you sign your name and drive off the car lot! And that car salesmen are trained to double talk you, place 'reel them in ads' with prices and deals you can't ignore, only to tell you that the ad expired,or that car was a basic( a basic what I wonder?) Anyway you're not going to buy that car that was in the ad for $15,599---just not happening.
In fact the salesman told me after I mentioned the ad, "what ad"? I replied, I had just seen in in this last weeks paper. Well, he couldn't remember, and it was then I knew we were all in for the long haul of negotiations:Hours, and days of negotiations.

I went home after the 1st day and mixed an energy drink. Next day I went in, and again told him the price I wanted to pay;in fact I found the ad with the 'bargain price, and showed it to him.
"Hmmm,", was his response and he promptly left me sitting in my chair for the hundredth time to go yadda, yadda with his sales manager, and to show him the ad.
I think after the 101th time of this 'go ask the sales manager' I finally said, " Why don't you have the sales-manager come to this table ,and the three of us can hammer out the details?"
He simply chuckled and went again to confer with his sales manager.

In the meanwhile my grandson and I looked at colors of the vehicle I was interested in.
I thought maybe a silver, or grey, or even a crystal blue color.
" Na," Zach offers, " your too alive gram for those pale colors why don't you get the deep cherry red.?"
You're right Zach, why not get a lively color, I thought. And that's just what I did.
Now, to add the finishing touches to this buying of a new car, my son came in to do a bit of man-to-man negotiations with the sales-manager.
An additional bumper to bumper extended 5 year warranty was requested. The sale-manager agreed.

Next ,they were going to put out a search for the car that I wanted and would call me when it came in.
Next day I got the call, and went in to buy the car, do the paper work while they were detailing the car( washing, vacuuming the inside, and full wax job). I took a walk back to the service area , and it was a beauty!
Went back to the finance manager , he was processing the paper work while we joked back and forth. Soon we were done, I took the keys , the paper work and headed home.
A bit later after the dealership closed I took apart the paper work to gather the info I would need for car insurance. I noticed on the documents , that it stated I had purchased a blue Dodge Avenger.
I grabbed the paper work and went out to the living room to show my son.
" Did I buy the wrong car Bill?" I showed him the papers. He laughed. " No, you bought a deep cherry red Chrysler 200: Better call them in the morning."

I called them next morning and told them I was coming in to get my Avenger,which thoroughly confused the sales-manager until I told him what transpired.
So we got the paper work straightened out. The finance manager said, it was an 'honest mistake'.
I said it was OK, but not really. If I had been stopped by the police the night I brought the car home, and he had asked for my registration paper, I would have given him the blue Avenger registration. I am sure he would have said," follow me lady we're headed for the station so you can explain this."
I shudder to think of what could have happened.
OK, it's a beauty, I call her " Red"
But, I HATE buying new cars.

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