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Friday, April 12, 2013

Always saying, " This is the last time!"``by MysticSilks

Each time I finish creating a series of silk  scarves,I swear by the powers that be,that "This is the last time!" I'm getting too old for this 'stuff'."  Then something happens; some idea pops into my head,or someone asks me if I could create an image on a silk scarf and I'm at it again.

    This time around,a customer asked me if I could create another silk scarf with the astrological image of a 'Pisces':That's the fish sign for those of you who may have never heard of the signs of the Zodiac. "What Pisces scarf are you talking about?"I asked her. For the life of me, I could not recall ever creating one. Well,she sent me a photo of the scarf I had indeed created way back when.I wrote back to her and told her that I had not hand designed any more of those scarves.
   You guessed it. All of a sudden I got the bright idea of creating not one silk scarf with the astrological sign, but biting of a huge chunk of a labor of love(i.e., work) and hand designing all twelve of the signs. 
      May I add at this point, that I would agree  with  statement that all artists are a bit 'crazy','nuts',' not rowing with both oars in the water'. And, that is because when we get an idea for a new creation, we loose thought of all the labor intensive work that it entails. It's like childbirth,we forget the hours of pain we were in with the last birth, and go for the gusto again!
    I began to search online for stencils of the signs of the Zodiac. I found a set of 6 online. The description stated that the signs were six inches. Wrong! I discovered after ordering from the UK,to add insult to injury,that one stencil had six signs, that stencil was six inches!! They had to send me two with six signs on each, costing double postage(airmail). You can imagine my dismay when I opened each package and finding that each sign was only 3 inches!! I contacted them,(that's when I discovered the stencils came from London). Sure they'd let me return them. Cost me $12.00 for S&H,they wouldn't send me a return label,plus a $2.50 international charge on my credit card!! Thanks for allowing me to vent and verbalize my frustration. I guess I am still not that internet savvy when buying things on the internet.
             OK, deep breath. God is good! I continued my search and blessed be, I happened upon a site that had the exact size stencils I needed, and more blessing abounded, they offered the observer(me) to download the stencils and use them! I downloaded all twelve. Then I laminated each one, to protect it from whatever I splashed, poured, or wrote on them!

          I also did research on the colors for each astrological sign, then ordered the dyes,and blank silk scarves. I alerted the family that certain areas of the house would be a bit disarrayed til I finished. It always bothers my son when he finds my long straight pins on the floor. I don't do it intentionally,really.
   I said to myself,"Klaire, you're going to practice staying in the present moment,just like the Eckhart Tolle book"A New Earth" advises.You are not going to give a thought on how much work you have taken on, and how long you will be at this, till you complete not six scarves,as I usually do, but twelve! And, that's how I reached the completion of this series of twelve silk astrological signs of the Zodiac!!

I have added the photos: Aries, Pisces,next two are Gemini, Sagittarius,Leo,Libra,Scorpio,Virgo,Aquarius,Cancer,and Capricorn,Taurus:pay no attention to the last one. Leo always has to get his last ROAR in!

Thank you for visiting,MysticSilks 
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