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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Business Woman's Request: Part Three: Dying The Images, Then Finishing The Scarves~~~By MysticSilks

You can see the images designed on the silk scarves with out the dyes being placed. The butterfly scarf as I stated before, was the that one caused me the most anxiety. Why? Because I was trying so very hard to duplicate as much as possible the customer's watercolor painting. And trying to keep the dyes inside the butterflies and not out running into the scarf background, which happens so often with silk and dyes.

The butterfly scarf took a week to complete. After the dyes were placed on the scarf, I let the dyes soak in and dry for 24 hours before steaming them.

The last scarf photo is the finished product, after the steaming. After the scarves are steamed, you wait another 24 hours to make sure the dyes are dried from the steaming. Then each scarf is washed, and rinced 5-6 times.Then while damp, I press the scarves with a steam iron, usually on the reverse side of the scarf.

When both the butterfly and fish scarf were finsihed I wrapped them in tissue paper, placed them in a bubble mailer, and off they went to Sharyn.

I waited, hoping to hear from her that she liked the scarves. She emailed me after receiving them , to say she thought they were 'cool'.

That's my biggest pleasure, when a customer is pleased.

Thank you so much for reading.

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