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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Business Woman's Request: Part Two: Creating the Templates~~~By MysticSilks

In November of this year 2010, I was contacted by a customer(Sharyn A. Brotz) of mine who had just purchased four of my hand designed silk scarves. She wanted to know if I would be able to design a couple of silk scarves based on her watercolor paintings:
I asked her to snail mail me the images of her paintings, and I would see if this request would be possible to fulfill. She mailed me the images and my next concern was would I be able to view her images through the silk I was planning to use: Silk Satin.
First let me say that this was the first time I had ever attempted to design on silk using the images of someone else's art work: That is the challenge to try and replicate the colors , the images, the nuances surrounding the main images.
The two photos 1) the butterflies , and 2) the fish as I came to call them were the templates that I used.
I taped the images of Sharyn's art work to a piece of foam core board. With the butterfly I traced images of butterflies to use throughout the upper part of the scarf.
On the fish painting, I traced the fish on each side of the silk scarf, then just carried blue sky throughout the scarf.
The butterfly scarf was labor intensive. Each image of a butterfly was hand designed using resist to make impermeable barriers against the leaking of the dyes from one butterfly into the next, then individually hand dyed.
The same principal was used with the fish.
Please read:
Part (3)the dying of butterflies, and fish.
Thank you

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