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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Selling Fine Art Online~~~~~~~MysticSilks

Selling fine art online is a challenge. And, I can understand why buyers are, for the most part, hesitant to purchase. The texture of the paint strokes in a painting are difficult for the artists to photograph;the camera simply can not pick up the color nuances found in a painting.
As an example, this photograph of my silk painting " Faeries in Our Midst" does not capture the soft blue patina on the fairy statue or the grooves in the stump she sits upon.
The subtle green colors of the leaves in the trees;nor the fact that a breeze is blowing through that tree.
Also, in viewing the second photo, can you see the faint images of people sitting between the stump and the bush of roses?
I have this painting displayed next to my bed. Each day I get to look at the beauty of this painting, and I see it in a way that a camera just can not capture.
Thank you for reading, and viewing.

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  1. I've had that thought, too, Mystic, both while trying to sell my paintings, and when considering buying original art. I like to see things for myself, from all angles. I love details. That's why I'm trying to learn to take better photographs of my work. Nothing turns me off an Etsy shop more than poor photography. Even if it's a wonderful painting, if I can't get a good clear look at the work from several angles and close up, I won't take a chance buying it. Your photos are great!

    I still covet your forest for the trees painting. . . .