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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

touching you i say(it being Spring

I've paired up my silk painting, " Picasso's Moon"
along with another of e.e.cummings wonderful
poems. Let me know what you think.

touching you i say(it being Spring

and night)"let us go a very little beyond

the last road---there's something to be found"

and smiling you answer"everything

turns into something else, and slips away....

(these leaves are Thingish with moondrool

and i am so very little afraid")

i say

"along this particular road the moon if you'll

notice follows us like a big yellow dog. You

don't believe? look back.(Along the sand

behind us, a big yellow dog that' it's red

a big red dog that may be owned by who


only turn a little your. so. And

there's the moon , there is something faithful and mad"

Thank you for reading.

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