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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Feet Goes Silent~By MysticSilks

Remember Happy Feet , the emperor penguin, who washed up on a New Zealand beach in June with his belly full of sand. He was treated at Wellington's Zoo, and then released back into the ocean after his recuperation. He was fitted with a tracking device but has not been heard from in awhile since his release into the ocean:His tracking system has gone silent.
What really took place?

Well, Happy Feet was the Johnathan Livingston Seagull of the penguins. He knew that his chances of survival in the Arctic Ocean were near to nil. After all he had seen his mother, father, brothers and sisters, and probably some cousins get swallowed by Orca whales, or Great White sharks;penguins were on the daily menu for those big boys!
Happy Feet decided he wanted a different fate. He made up his mind to jump into the ocean and swim in a different direction , away from where his carnivorous enemies lived. He figured if he could beach himself in a place where humans would see him---well, they'd take pity on him and find a nice zoo in which to place him.

Humans are not always so smart. Yes, they did rescue him. Yes, they did nurse him back to health. Then what did they do? They tossed him back into an environment that could prove most disastrous to his well-being.

And, I think since they can no longer track Happy Feet, it might just mean that he ended up as dinner. So much for trying to find a different way of life.

But, nice try Happy Feet, nice try!


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