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Friday, April 30, 2010

Aging Factor~ Age Discrimination~ PayPal Survey

Since I've retired I have a lot more time than I did when I was working. When I was working and I'd receive a survey either via snail mail, or email, I'd throw it out, or click delete. Who has the extra time to fill out that stuff ?

Well, the other day in my email is a notice from PayPal, they had a survey they asked me to participate in. So, what the heck, why not. In fact I was becoming sort of a professional survey taker, thanks to J Powers, and GMAC. I bought a PT Cruiser in January and since then the car manufacturer wants to be sure I am very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, or not satisfied,plus they started paying me to fill out the forms: $1.00!! That sort of makes me a paid professional,right?

I clicked on the Paypal survey link and read the agreement, then discovered that it would take 25 minutes to complete the survey. Then as a reward, they would enter me in a drawing for $1,000.00. Hey, that's pretty good money if I was selected.

OK, so on the first page it asks, what is your gender? I clicked : female. I clicked next, which took me to the following page. What is your age? I clicked the 65+ plus box.

All of a sudden the page literally jumped to the next page which stated, " The survey is finished.Thank you for taking our survey!" That was it! No more questions.

I was a bit put off by that whole experience, after realizing that the PayPal survey was not interested in the opinions of a senior citizen. That really was a slap in the mug as I have a business account with those folks.

I might think about cancelling since the money they make off of my account is well and good, but they just are not interested in the opinions of the more learned and wise. So be it!

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