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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mountain's Majesty ~ On Front Page of Etsy!! Original Painting, Fine Art,

"Mountain's Majesty"
If you look way at the top of my blog page, you'll see a copy of the Front Page treasury on on Saturday, April 3rd.
Someone alerted me that my painting, the one you see to the left of this page.
I did a hurried click and lo and behold there it was!!
I was thrilled , because to land on etsy's front page, is a rarity indeed.
The view count increases, and so did the number of hearts on this painting.
Now, here's an interesting tidbit of news on this work of art.
I created this painting approximately four years ago. I wasn't thrilled with it, and in fact placed it in a storage drawer, where it stayed until two years ago.
Then someone looked at it , and asked me why the silk painting was not mounted, and that it was beautiful!
I guess that day I looked at it in a new light. Soon I mounted it, framed it, and put it up for sale on
And then, and then it was picked to be in a treasury by, then it was chosen by etsy admins to be on the front page!!
So from the obscurity of a storage drawer, to the lime light of the etsy front page!
Come see the rest of my silks and art work on
Thank you!

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