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Friday, October 8, 2010

In Time For The Holidays~~~MysticSilks

I began creating a new line of silk scarves two months ago. My how time flies! I wanted to freshen the stock of silk scarves in my etsy shop.

For me this is a huge creative task. that once completed, and the scarves are listed, I let out a grateful and huge sigh of relief.

My greatest desire is that my customers are pleased, so I try to think of colors and color combinations that will appeals to the eyes of the viewer/s.
My scarves are never worn by human models, and are created in a non-smoking studio.

After each silk scarf is completed, I like to personalize it with a name.
We'll start at the top from right to left: " Plum Crazy"````" Every Thing's Coming Up Roses"~~~" Emerald Isle"~~~" Nebula"~~~" Caribbean Sky"~~~" Chocolate Covered Plums"
Come on over to:
Many lovely gift ideas for any and all occasions--:)
Also, want to add a new online site that I've
Thank you MysticSilks

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