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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Long Road To a Designer Silk Scarf```MysticSilks

I thought I'd share with the general public
the long process of creating a designer silk scarf from start to finish.
The beginning step is the ordering of the pure white silk scarf, which like oranges, come all the way from China: I wish there was a place in the USA to order them from. The scarves arrive, and the next step is washing them all by hand in a soapy water that extracts any remaining silk worm residue. Then it's dunkie, dunkie, into a fresh rinse water, a gentle squeeze, and hang them up to dry.
Or while damp, I usually just iron the wrinkles out. I did not take any photos of the beginning steps.I was saving the reader from some boring views.The photo on the right is the next step. I pin rayon tabs of cloth at the top of my scarf, and around the sides.Then the silk scarf/scarves is/are pinned to a wood frame, which I should mention, were made by a dear friend of mine to whom I am forever grateful. The wood frames are filled with remnants of French dyes from previous dying sessions. I usually pin and frame two scarves at a time trying to pin them taught to help the dyes to flow more evenly over the scarf.. I cover the floor with a drop cloth to keep the floor free from dyes. After each silk scarf is dyed I let it dry for 24 hours. Then I set up another two to dye. My limit for the dying project is from 5-7 silk scarves. After we're through taking you through all the steps , you'll understand why```Smiling~~~ I use French dyes as there are the best and produce the deepest and most beautiful colors.

Tomorrow, I will post more on the process of creating designer silk scarves.

Be aware of this, the process is not a walk in the park.

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