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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar....MysticSilks

Have you heard that song? " Another day, another dollar. Sun comes up ,I'm on my way..... Seems I'm working my whole life away..." I think Volkswagen uses that song for one of its Jetta commercials``` Catchy song.

But after working for two weeks creating ten more hand designed silk scarves, I can relate to that song. I thank goodness, my daughter-in-law helped me with wrapping the scarves after I designed and dyed them. That is a very labor intensive aspect of the silk designing process```especially on the lower back.

I will add a note here and say that I am so glad I went to using unmarked newspaper to wrap the silk scarves in for the steaming process. I have had no bleed through.

One silk scarf that took a lot of time to create is " Sassy Cat's Twin Calico's" It is based on a painting I created called " Sassy Cat" You can see the painting on the right, and the silk scarf with the Calico Cats on the left. I used the painting as a template.
When I first began using the resist to draw the cats on the silk, I smudged it. Yikes! I hurriedly ran the scarf under cold water, hoping to flush any of the resist and smudges away. I had to let the scarf dry, then I ironed it, and began again---seems like the second time is a charm.

After the resist dried( 24 hours) I pinned the scarf to my wooden frame to begin the dying. I did each part seperate from the others. I wanted to be sure the dyes did not run through the resist borders. This happens, and when it does it can cause one to simply break down and cry.
But every dye stayed in its place!!
Thank you for reading.

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