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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NASA Space Etsy Contest```By MysticSilks

This silk painting, "Super Nova," was entered into the NASA Space Contest as a last minute decision.
About 3 weeks ago, maybe a month now, I had read in the etsy admin forums that they were running this contest, and if any of the etsy members would like to enter a 2-D, 3-D , original, or reproduction entry to do so.
I thought of all my original creations, I have no prints, nor reproductions of my work, of what would be an appropriate entry.
" Super Nova" came to mind. It is my image of what a close up of an exploding star would be.
I could imagine the Hubble turning in space and capturing that image in its telescopic lens.
Enough to take my breath away, and about as close as I'd want to get to an exploding star!
OK, back to the main part of my story. About two weeks after whatever voting might have taken place;I thought etsy admins were the ones voting on this contest, and that once they had sifted through and voted on what they thought were the best entries, then they would open the voting to the etsy members.
Well, I went back to see who was in the running. I did not see my silk painting anywhere on the finalist's page. Oh, well, I thought, that's what you get for opening up your mouth and speaking your mind in the etsy forums: Etsy admins read those posts.
Well, then the other day I read a new post in admin threads, saying, that somehow blah, blah, blah, they left out some of the finalists. I chuckled to myself, thinking what's new.
Etsy seems to make many errors, and apologizes again and again. I have come to believe that the meaning of the word etsy is: Much to forgive. OK, back to the story, so I decided to click on the voter link:
and lo and behold, there is my painting! But, the week before when I thought I had lost in this contest, I went back to edit the title of my painting, took out the NASA Space, and Super Nova.
All titles have to be google SEO friendly so they have a better chance of being found by a gazillion Internet seekers. But now my painting title on the etsy voter page says, original painting, fine art. Oh well.
I asked my friends on Facebook to vote for me, my Vast team mates, and Design Style Guide Team members; a lot of them have and I so appreciate their support and votes.
So I raise my glass of wine on Thanksgiving Day to salute the friends I have.
And etsy, I forgive you for your goof-ups--:)
Thanks for reading,
visit my etsy shop:
And if you're a member on etsy vote for my "Super Nova"

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