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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fine Art on```Mysticsilks

I I started selling on in 2007. At that time etsy was sort of new and growing everyday. Etsy admins, those in charge of the online selling site, would listen to their sellers, essentially etsy's customers.
Etsy, seemed to want to build a quality online site, that sold handmade creations like; jewelry, handbags,quilts,fashion items,etc.,.I use the etc., only because to try and name everything that is sold on etsy would take up an unbelievable amount of space in this blog post.
Back in 2007 they(etsy) wanted to know what the sellers wanted and what they thought would help their shops and items gain exposure on etsy. and the vast internet.
I create and sell silk scarves. In addition I also create and sell fine art in the form of silk paintings, acrylic paintings, and an occasional oil painting. or water-color.
I have been actively involved with other etsy fine art artists in encouraging etsy to add a fine art category: So many other online selling sites have a fine art category. It's really not rocket science!

We had been promised back in 2009, that they(etsy) had hired a taxonomist who was going to put together all that was required to add a fine art category, and in fact many of the fine art artists were asked for their input, which was generously given to the taxonomist. We waited, and we waited, and waited some more for a fine art category to be added to etsy's search.

We started a petition :
We believe that the artists who took the time to sign our petition would love to see these changes take place.

That petition has 872 signatures requesting more exposure for fine art on etsy, such as a fine art category.
In the meanwhile etsy has added more bells , whistles, giddgets, and gadgets, circles, and what-nots, that it makes your head spin! But not a word about adding a fine art category.

There's a new CEO, Chad. We're hoping that maybe Chad enjoys fine art , and will begin the process of adding a fine art category.

It sure would be great!

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Thank you for reading!

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