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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Head Candy(Silk Head Scarves)~ Mysticsilks

Was at my homeopathic doctor's office about a month ago. His " gal Friday" Susan knew that I created silk art, from silk paintings to silk scarves. She asked me if I created silk head scarves for those who are going through chemotherapy. I said, " Susan, you've given me inspiration, I will do just that!"
So I ordered 10 blank silk pieces(22x22inches), plus some more French dyes.
I began the tacking of the blank silks on the wooden frames, then decided which color of dye to use on each silk head scarf.
It took a day to tac up 4 silk scarves,dye them and wait 24 hours before taking them down;I continued this process for 3 days. After all ten scarves were dyed, I had to special cut blank newspaper in which to pack each one, to prevent the dyes from running onto other scarves, then I carefully rolled them on my metal cylinder. And there they sat till after the 4th of July , for a time when the house was quieter:The kiddies had all come home from college, and there was company on the fourth.
On the 5th of July, I was up early , went out to the garage, where I have my steaming apparatus stored. I set up the hot plate,put my four bricks around the base of the plate to stabilize the pot when it started bubbling.
This time I added hot tap water to the pot, and I cut down on the waiting time for the water to get hot enough to begin steaming. I set the cylinder on top of the metal insert that keeps the cylinder of scarves out of the water: God forbid that water should touch the scarves till after they steam!!
After the cylinder was placed, I covered the top with heavy cotton sheets and towels to hold the steam in the pot: This is a three hour procedure from the time the water begins to simmer, and the two and a half hours for the steaming process.
Three hours later I pull the steaming cylinder of silk scarves from the pot, took them into the house and began to unfold the packet and pull each scarf from their paper cocoons.
There's a 24 hour wait before the silk scarves can be washed and rinsed to rid them of excess dyes.

Above you'll see the results of three of the ten silk head scarves.

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  1. I love those rich colors! You indeed have a much needed item as unfortunately there are many on chemo. Cheerful colors and beautiful head candy can brighten their spirits a bit.