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Sunday, July 31, 2011

United States in Debt. How Did That Happen?```MysticSilks

I was born right after the Great Depression. My Mother never forgot how it felt to be poor.She knew how to live and feed a family of five on meager food scraps; no such thing as eating out, and we never turned our noses up at left overs. Mom knew how to budget.
I grew up and managed a family of six on a limited income. If we wanted something, we saved for it;we lived on a budget. Why doesn't our government know how to live on a budget? Why is it, that the men and women we elected never take a pay cut, never have a freeze on their salaries? And in fact they continue to vote for increases in their salaries? Why is it that the Senate and Congressional representatives of 'we the people' live high on the hog, and have no idea what it is to live on a budget?
Is it because they have an unlimited income, the tax revenues of the American people?
How is it, that the President freezes Social Security for two years in a row, and he uses Air Force 1 like it was a local taxi service to the tune of a million smackeroos for each trip. His family fly's on vacation at the expense of 'we the people': I can't recall the last time my family had a vacation.
It seems like Washington , D.C. is the land of Oz. Everyone there lives in a world away from 'reality'---and we the people pay for their delusional thinking.
We, the average citizen work our butts off, and struggle from paycheck to paycheck, if we're fortunate enough to have a job. It's not 'our 'mismanagement of money that causes this country to be on the brink of financial default: It is the fault of those we've elected to run this country.

It's time for a new form of government, a real government that is truly 'a government for the people and by the people'.

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  1. Klaire,
    I couldn't agree more. If Congress were to make a stipulated amount that couldn't increase I would bet many would not spend their entire lives being politicians. Only the ones that really want to help America would run for election. It has become a Power trip to be in Congress because of the money, benefits, not to mention the life long pensions they receive for only a few years of work. What gives???

  2. I am really worried too, Klaire -- the whole government and the people of the USA need to learn to live within their Income!!

  3. Thank you both for your comments--:)