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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Silk Head Candy(Silk Head Scarves)``Mysticsilks

I've downloaded three more of the series of ten " Silk Head Candy" silk head scarves.
For those having experienced just one of the side affects of chemotherapy, the loss of one's hair, the desire to feel pretty and feminine is strong! These scarves are mostly for you!

After I washed and rinsed each scarf a dozen or more times to remove excess dye, I ironed them.
And, while I was setting up the ironing board, an inspiration came to me: Put a drop of the 'Holy Water' from the Lourdes , on each scarf before you iron it.
Now, the story behind this 'holy water' is a mystery to me, in that it has lasted for 15 + years Some friends went to France and visited "Lourdes", the place that Mary, the Mother of Jesus visited many years ago. It was told, that she had blessed the water with healing properties.
Well these friends brought back a tiny vile of that water---by all rights the amount that was in that vile should have evaporated. But it hasn't, and so a drop of it went on each scarf.
My hope is that it blesses each person who wears a scarf.

There are four more scarves to post and I hope to do that tomorrow!

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Beautiful as always! That's wonderful about the water.

  2. What a sweet story about the holy water. I hope it helps.