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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silk Head Candy(Silk Head Scarves)``Mysticsilks

This is the last four of the ten in my "Silk Head Candy series." I found I am going to have to retake some of the photos before posting on
I noticed while uploading the photos that ll the front views showed the scar in my 'prop girls' head. Not sure how that happened. But she did travel to many art fairs with me sometime ago, and with everything being stored in the van , and the carrying of a display tent, plus chair, paintings, and scarves, it's a wonder my scarves and painting remained whole and untouched.
So, I am thinking that's why 'prop girl' has the scar.
So I am waiting for the house to clear out again, to where I can focus with clarity on taking new photos.

Come see the rest of the beautiful creations in mt etsy shop.

Thank you for reading.


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